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No job too small.  No job too big—especially when you have the right partners!  VEH Enterprises, Inc.™ is a small company that's growing fast.  Part of our mission is to develop long-term, strategic relationships with companies and vendors that provide complementary products and services.  We look for ways to add exceptional value and to enhance the care we provide to our customers, or yours.


"It takes a village to raise a child."   The same can be said for some I.T. projects for the government!  We are always seeking partners to create contractual agreements with to service government agencies and large commercial companies.  Whether a subcontractor or prime relationship, our goal is to create a collaboration that strengthens all parties involved to fulfill the requirements of the client.

We welcome the chance to explore the possibilities of how we might work together to serve the client.

Considering the current sourcing trend of including more task orders into fewer contracts, teaming and/or subcontracting just makes sense in today's market.

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